Kawsak Sacha, Sarayaku, Living Forest

Our living territory is, and will continue to be, free of any type of extractive activities such as oil, mining, wood extraction, biopiracy or others similar activities.


The Kawsak Sacha declaration is universal and proposes a legal recognition of the revindication for territorial rights and Mother Earth, which is necessary and essential for the balance of the planet and the preservation of life.

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Kawsak Sacha for All

The mission of The Living Forest proposes a legal claim to the territorial rights and the nature for all the Native Peoples of the world.


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Understanding the role native people play in protecting Mother Earth.

How you can help

The legal battle we are waging for Kawsak Sacha is entirely assymetrical. Massive, coordinating, and well-funded financial interests stand between us and the realization of our goals on even the smallest scale. Whether through simply adding your name, giving a donation, or even getting involved directly, learn how you can support our efforts as we persevere to enshrine unprecedented protections for the native way of life.


Give $30 and support the Life Plans of the community.


Here are three meaningful ways you can support The Living Forest right now.


Sign the Petition

Supporting The Living Forest’s declaration for a sustainable vision of and relationship with life on earth, enshrined into national and international law.



Funds go directly to our ongoing efforts for the UN, UNESCO, IUCN, other institutions, and government of Ecuaodor to legally recognize this classification.


Support Letter

Are you an organization representative or a Native People? You can send a support and recognition letter of the territory of the Kichwa Native People of Sarayaku as the Living Forest.


“KAWSAK SACHA is a living being, with consciousness, constituted by all the beings of the Jungle, from the most infinitesimal to the greatest and supreme. It includes the beings of the animal, vegetable, mineral, spiritual and cosmic worlds, in intercommunication with human beings, giving them what is necessary to reanimate their psychological, physical and spiritual facets, thus restoring the energy, life and equilibrium of the original peoples.

In the waterfalls, lagoons, marshes, mountains, rivers, trees and other places of the territory, the Protective Beings of Kawsak Sacha live and they develop a life of their own, similar to that of human beings. The Kawsak Sacha transmits the knowledge to the yachak (wise elders) so that they can interact in the world of the Protective Beings of the jungle, in order to maintain the balance of the Pachamama, heal people and society. This knowledge is methodically maintained and transmitted to new generations.

The natural balance of the universe, the harmony of life, the cultural perpetuity, the existence of living beings and the continuity of the Kawsak Sacha, depend on the permanence and transmission of the powers of the Selva Protector Beings. It is also up to these Beings and the yachak to maintain a relationship of respect and balance between human beings and beings of the jungle.

Kawsak Sacha is where our kallari rukukuna (ancestors) lived, apayakuna and apamamakuna (grandparents), fathers, mothers, where we live, where our future generations will live and where the Protector Beings of the jungle and all the original peoples will remain" (Kichwa Native People of Sarayaku, June 2018).