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Our living territory is, and will continue to be, free of any type of extractive activities such as oil, mining, wood extraction, biopiracy or others similar activities.


The Kawsak Sacha declaration is universal and proposes a legal recognition of the revindication for territorial rights and Mother Earth, which is necessary and essential for the balance of the planet and the preservation of life.

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How to Deodorize a Stinky Refrigerator?EraClean Refrigerator Deodorize From Best And First

Nobody likes fridge smells, but it’s certainly vital to handle with them. Food and musty smells can settle into your foodstuff and hard to leave. What makes matter even worse, many people choose to spare some perfume that only mask odors and do nothing to vanquish them. Instead of lighting an arsenal of scented candles, use a few household staples such as baking soda, distilled white vinegar, active charcoal, coffee grounds, vanilla extract and lemons to eliminate odors once and for all. How to deodorize refrigerator(https://www.bestandfirst.com/how-to-deodorize-refrigerator/)
Step for deodorizing fridge
1. Deep clean
Step one is to clean it both inside and outside, if your fridge smells. Turn off the appliance, and remove everything from shelves and drawers. Store food in a alternative cooler while you clean.
Steep detachable shelves and bins in the sink with warm soapy water. Wipe down removable parts with a cloth dampened with soapy water and vinegar.
Also, you could mix up a cleaning solution of 1 tablespoon liquid chlorine bleach solution per gallon of water and use it to wipe the bins and shelves down. Then rinse in plain water.
For sticky, dried-on residue, hold a cloth soaked in hot water and dish soap over the spot for a minute or so to loosen it up—after that, it should wipe right up.
Dry all surfaces thoroughly and return everything back in the fridge.Refrigerator Deodorizers(https://www.bestandfirst.com/product-category/Refrigerator-deodorizer/)
2. Deodorize with baking soda
Leave an open box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors for 24 hours at a minimum. Toss out the baking soda once it finishes its job.
3. Deodorize with freshly ground coffee
To improve the baking soda’s effect, sprinkle freshly ground coffee on a plate and put it in the fridge for 24 hours.
Instead of throwing the coffee away afterward, mix it with soil to fertilize your houseplants.
By the way, a combination of baking soda and coffee grounds can dramatically reduce fridge odor.
4. Leave a fresh scent behind
Soak a few cotton balls in vanilla extract and leave them in the fridge for a few hours to produce a fresh, clean scent. You can also slice up an orange and place it in an open bowl in the fridge to leave an appealing citrusy aroma behind. However, you can not eat it after absorbing.
Fridge Deodorizers(https://www.bestandfirst.com/fridge-deodorizer/)
How to prevent refrigerator odor from returning
1. Set your fridge to the correct temperature
The right temperature to store food in the refrigerator is 37–41 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder means you waste energy; any warmer indicats your food spoilage go faster and create fridge odor.
2. Ensure good air circulation
Adequate airflow helps circulate refrigerated air around to better preserve food in every corner of the fridge. Place a small thermometer in different spots around the fridge to check the temperature.

If you observe wide temperature swings, this is a sign you need refrigeration repair to restore good circulation.
3. Store food properly
First, keep food in airtight containers. Not only does this help keep food fresh longer, it contains odor should something start to go bad, rather than letting it contaminate the entire fridge.
Second, store different foods in their respective bins. For example, fruit and vegetable crispers are designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of produce better than other sections of the refrigerator.
4. Sift through the fridge occasionally
Take charge of what leftovers are in your fridge by sifting through the contents once a week. As soon as you see signs that a leftover is going bad or over expiration date, toss it out before it has time to become bad smells.
5.Use refrigerator deodorizer
I got a EraClean Refrigerator Deodorizer recently. After put in my fridge a day, I feel the odor obviously reduced when I open the fridge. Plus, it is very easy to use. Just place it in the fridge and switch on the deep deodorization mode, next close the fridge. Then something magical happened. I’d like to say, this is the Best Refrigerator Odor Eliminator 2021(click here). Not only keep antibacterial(click here), it can also disinfect and purify the air in the refrigerator.
In case that you can not find it online, you could go to the Best&First, a platform offers amount of tech lifestyle gadgets and incredible practicle products. It guarantees each product with  well-designed, high-quality, and fairly-priced. Even though the price is not very cheap, the quality is quite best.
Best Refrigerator Deodorizer(click here)
Why does my fridge smell after cleaning and deodorizing?
If you discover that bad odor problem in the fridge are caused by water leakage, poor air circulation or another malfunction, contact a repairman to schedule service today. We can only get your fridge and freezer back up and running so you can use these tips to prevent bad odors from forming in the future.

Kawsak Sacha for All

The mission of The Living Forest proposes a legal claim to the territorial rights and the nature for all the Native Peoples of the world.